Fuel saving and low emissions
Due to Diesel fuel, the accumulation of carbon deposits and incomplete fuel combustion create significant incombusts and lubricating oil contamination. This results inwasted fuel and a significant increase of maintenance costs.

HPower has the technologies and the  “know how” to use the precise combination of both solutions, Oxi-Hidrogen injection and nano emulsion. The precise combination and application of these technologies produces optimum results acording each particular need.


Our solutions actually cleans the engine while in normal use increasing performances and reducing maintenance.

Hpower increases dramatically the efficiency of engines.

Results vary with operating environment, however we have found fuel savings of 5%~15%. Trial run feedback includes:

  1. Engine Runs Smoother
  2. Impressive less Hazardous Carbon Emissions (NOx, PM, CO)
  3. The Gradual Increase of Fuel Saved up to 10% (as the engine self cleans from complete combustion)
  4. Lubricating oil life increased up 50%
  5. Less engine maintenance