Fuel Consumption in Earthmoving equipment (CAEX) and Generators

The constant search for cost efficiency leads companies of the mining sector to carefully look at the cost of fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption on equipment with large engines and constantly use (24×7) is the perfect oportunity to generate savings that can mean significant expense decreases in the anual Budget, from 5% up to 15% reduction in fuel consumtion.


Also emission reductions is a opportunity for the areas of Personnel, Public Relations and Comunity (HR, HSEC and CSR) among others to show that the company is totally involved with concepts as Health, Safety, Environment and Community. The emissions reduction that we can reach could be remarkable

  • Smoke reduction up to 80%
  • NOx reduction up to 55%
  • PM reduction up to 70%
  • SOx redution up to 30%