There are several approaches we use in our HPower EcoPower unit to make our operation safe and with minimal operational risk:

  1.  The concept of this solution is to use the Oxy-Hydrogen as a catalyst for the combustion of diesel oil, therefore the amount required to be injected into the combustion chamber of the engine to which it is connected is very small compared to the volume of air (less than 5%).
  2.  Generating hydroxide is in demand so there is no gas storage in the unit, only it produces what the engine needs to consume at that time given its level of load (demand) so that there is only hydroxide present in the line going to the engine, a few cubic centimeters (0.2 LPM).
  3. The HPower EcoPower unit is very safe, through its 9 sensors installed inside (temperature, pressure and unauthorized door openings) is monitored continuously and if it has any fault it stops immediately.